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Допоможіть, будь ласка, знайти помилки в тексті з англійської


 Ангеліна Попова
Допоможіть, будь ласка, знайти помилки в тексті з англійської
Television became the essential part of our life / It is important mass media, knowledge source and leisure pass time. Modern children watch TV and play video games from childhood. And sometimes do it too much. On one hand, if the children and teenagers watch TV, they can discover and learn many new, interesting and useful things, like scientific facts, historical and cultural realities etc. According to some experts, with the help of video and computer games it is possible to develop logical thinking, erudition, expand circle of interest, improve memory. For example, my friend plays in quests, and he has such useful qualities that fast reaction, concentration, ability to find the way out of difficult situation. Thus playing video games and watching television in one's spare time can be considered good and useful pastime. On the other hand, watching TV and playing computer games too excessive may bring damage to physical, psychological and mental health, like headache, a decrease of acuity, irritability, insomnia and so on. Also, computer games replace reality, that because American association of Psychiatrists includes gambling addiction in the list of mental disorders. I can illustrate this in one example in my experience. There was a boy in my class in primary school, who spent too much of his free time by playing computer games. He was very aggressive, emotionally labile, nervous and very difficult to communicate. so, can be concluded, that it is bad to spend much time to playing video games and watching TV. And instead of it it is necessary to find more productive activities, which can bring some benefits. It may be different art exercises, kinds of sports, learning something intellectual development etc. To summarize, can be said that playing computer games and watching TV have positive and negative sides. In my opinion, everything is good in moderation. And everyone should know when to stop. Althoug the border between "much" and "too much" is often difficult to determine.


Дарина Петруннікова
є кілька помилок

Простіше знайти, де їх немає. Television has (long) become AN ​​essential part of our life. Друга пропозиція безглуздий набір слів. On THE one hand, if (the) children and teenagers watch TV ... Ця робота теж грошей коштує. І компенсації моральної шкоди.

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